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The partners and staff of Petherbridge Bassra recognise value and celebrate diversity in our neighbourhoods, in the wider community and in the people who work with and for us.


The firm complies with all relevant legislation in force in the UK relating to discrimination in employment and in the provision of facilities and services. The firm meets the regulatory requirements of the Solicitors Regulation Authority in relation to equality and diversity.


The firm endeavours to measure customer satisfaction, working to ensure that different clients are all equally satisfied in providing an effective complaints resolution process in the event we fall short of expectation. The firm gathers and acts on the information that enables us to measure our effectiveness reviewing and developing our services policy so that they meet the needs of all members of the community. We actively promote and communicate our policy on equality and diversity so that everyone with whom we come into contact with is aware of their right to fair treatment.


A copy of the Equality and Diversity Policy is available on request.

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