More than 23,000 allegations of abuse by home care workers against elderly and vulnerable people were made in the last three years, yet just 15 people were prosecuted as a result, new figures show.

…figures suggest that one in 25 people may be suffering at the hands of their carers.

BBC Radio 4 File on 4 programme asked every council in England, Scotland and Wales, for the numbers of allegations of abuse and neglect made against home carers who were contracted by local authorities to provide home care.


They discovered 23,428 accusations of mistreatment, including 12,000 allegations concerning neglect, 2,400 cases of psychological abuse, more than 3,400 allegations of physical abuse, and 400 claims of sexual abuse.

Yet just 700 of the allegations resulted in police action, and there were just 15 prosecutions.

Bridget Warr, chief executive of the UK Home Care Association, described the findings as “horrifying.”

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